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Facial Shape and how it corresponds to beauty

June 30, 2019

Many injectors in our industry will do exactly what the patient wants. This can actually be a bad idea at times.

For instance, imagine you had lost all the volume in your cheeks, they look deflated, then you request lip fillers. The injector performs lip fillers because it is what you wanted, but now your lips don’t match the rest of your face. This is facial disharmony.

When injecting fillers at Me Clinic we want facial harmony. Everything on your face should ‘match’ the rest and keep you looking like ‘you’.

Facial reshaping is one of the most important treatments with fillers we perform at Me Clinic.

When you look, you will notice the shape of someone’s face and then judge their beauty accordingly. This is intuitive and programmed into us. We see beauty in a shape.

A woman should be an oval shape. A man should be a square. See below examples –

Features of a masculine man
- Square, wide jawline
- Wide chin (width of mouth)
- Bigger bottom lip
- Low brow
- High cheek bones

Male Face | Dermal Fillers | Melbourne

Features of a feminine beautiful woman
- Oval shape face
- V shape face
- Lips approx width of nostrils
- Bigger bottom lip
- Narrow chin width of nose
- Balanced face – even thirds according to Da Vinci
- High cheek bones
- Smooth skin

Femal Face Dermal Fillers in Melbourne

We can reshape your face with fillers to create a more masculine or feminine beauty. Our own Mike Clague Aesthetic Nurse BSC teaches this skill to other doctors and nurses around Australia. He is speaking at an upcoming conference in September about male facial reshaping.

Below is one of Mike’s female patients. She was grinding her teeth and didn’t really have a cheek bone visible. Through injectable muscle relaxants to slim down the face and dermal fillers to build up the cheek bone and jawline Mike was able to achieve this result. The patient is 55kg and has had no weight loss.

Me Clinic Dermal Fillers Melbourne | Mike Clague

Come in and discuss your options for facial reshaping and beautification filler treatments.


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