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Dermal Fillers or Anti-Wrinkle Injections: Which is right for me?

November 20, 2019

woman with dermal fillers

There’s no question that injectables are all the rage—what was once exclusive only to the very wealthy and Hollywood’s rich and famous, injectables have now become commonplace with everyone and anyone using them.

If you’re considering injectable cosmetic treatment but aren’t sure whether dermal fillers or anti-wrinkle injections are a suitable option, here’s an overview of some of the benefits injectables have to offer and the key differences between each one.

Why everyone’s loving injectables

From dermal fillers to anti-wrinkle injections, injectable treatments offer a range of benefits. Here are a few of them:

  • They slow or reverse the effects of ageing by addressing everything from prominent lines and wrinkles to drooping eyes, a sagging chin or neck, or even hollow cheeks or temples.
  • They’re subtle enough that most people won’t even be able to notice you’ve had them. Treatments can be applied gradually, allowing you to achieve the desired result without the risk of going “too far”.
  • They’re more affordable than other more invasive surgical alternatives.
  • They’re fast and effective with treatments able to be performed in as little as 10 minutes with the results usually visible in three days (however it can take up to 7-10 days to realise the full effect).
  • They’re temporary, meaning there’s no long-term commitment. Injectables can also be a great way to sample the type of results you might be able to achieve if you were to undergo a more permanent surgical alternative.

What you can treat with dermal fillers

Dermal fillers work to restore volume by injecting small amounts of filler into strategically selected treatment areas which bind with the water in your skin to rejuvenate the skin and enhance the natural contours of the face.

They are highly versatile and can be used to treat a wide range of conditions including:

  • Lines and wrinkles - Fillers can be used to fill out deep lines and crevices that appear on the forehead or around the eyes and mouth. 
  • Droopy eyes - Injecting small amounts of filler to increase the volume underneath the eyebrow will elevate the brow and provide better support to pull loose or sagging eyelids taut.
  • Hollow cheeks or temples - To counteract the loss of collagen as we age, filler can be used torestore lost volume to create a fuller, more youthful appearance.
  • Turkey neck - As the skin around the chin and jowls loses elasticity, fillers can restore a more youthful appearance by pulling the skin taut.
  • Lip enhancement - Dermal fillers can be used to accentuate the lip line, create a more defined cupids’ bow (the double curve of the upper lip) or create fuller, more luscious lips.
  • Skin hydration - Small amounts of hyaluronic fillers can be injected into the skin to improve the skins’ texture and clarity by boosting hydration levels deep within, while also stimulating collagen production.
  • Acne scars - Fillers can be an effective way to minimise the appearance of the skin depressions which can remain after a severe case of acne.

What you can treat with anti-wrinkle injections

Unlike dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle injections work by injecting an anti-wrinkle solution into affected areas on the face to relax the surrounding muscles and slow the ageing process.

There are several applications for anti-ageing injections including:

  • Lines and wrinkles - The most common use of anti-ageing injections is to treat facial lines and wrinkles including frown or forehead lines, crow’s feet around the eyes and mouth lines or creases. Anti-ageing injections create smoother skin that is less prone to further wrinkling and furrowing by making the muscles unable to move to the same degree they normally do.
  • Droopy eyes - A great application of anti-ageing injections is as a non-surgical alternative to an eyebrow lift. The orbicularis oculi muscle that closes the eyelids is largely responsible for creating the pull effect that causes the eye to droop. We can relieve this downward pressure by targeting these muscles with anti-ageing injections, causing them to relax which allows the forehead muscles to lift the brow (often up to several millimetres). The technique will also slow the ageing process by preventing the eye from drooping further.
  • Excessive sweating (Hyperhidrosis) - Many people don’t realise anti-ageing injections can be an effective treatment if you suffer from overactive sweat glands in areas such as the armpits, hands, feet and face. By blocking the nerves responsible for activating the sweat glands, anti-ageing injections can reduce sweating by up to 90 percent.

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At Me Clinic, we’re home to a team of highly skilled and experienced cosmetic aestheticians who can advise which injectable treatment options would be most effective for your individual condition.

As one of the first clinics in Australia to embrace cosmetic injectable technology, we’ve performed more than 60,000 dermal filler and facial line and wrinkle treatments over the past 20 years, making our experience unparalleled within the industry.

If you would like to know more about any of our cosmetic injectable treatments, simply contact us to arrange a personal assessment with a Me Clinic practitioner.

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