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Things you might not know about cosmetic eye surgery | Me Clinic

August 15, 2019
If you suffer from heavy, sagging or hooded eyelids or unsightly bags underneath the eyes that give you that ‘always tired’ look, cosmetic eye surgery may be the solution

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Can’t decide if liposuction is a good idea?

June 19, 2019

girl holding measuring tape

Liposuction sounds like the perfect way to get the physique you’ve always wanted—and it can be if you’re a good candidate for the procedure. If you’re toying with the idea of having liposuction but can’t decide if it is right for…

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Thinking of having cosmetic surgery overseas? Think again...

June 18, 2019

Cosmetic surgery overseas


There is no doubt that cosmetic surgery tourism is big business. In fact in a recent media release, the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS) estimated cosmetic…

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New to cosmetic surgery? Top tips for first-timers

April 29, 2019
If you’re having cosmetic surgery for the first time there are a few things you can do to ensure you achieve the best possible result and make the experience a positive one.

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Give yourself the ultimate gift this Christmas

December 14, 2018

Give yourself the ultimate gift this Christmas


Christmas is a time for giving, but this year, why not treat yourself to a special something too! If you’re stuck for ideas, here are some of our favourite treatments you may like to gift yourself this Christmas.


The gift of…

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3 questions you should ask yourself before cosmetic surgery

December 13, 2018


Undergoing cosmetic surgery is a deeply personal decision that should not be taken lightly. Making the choice to permanently alter part of your body requires a significant amount of forethought and research—you not only need to consider the procedure itself, but…

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Does a face lift leave scars? What are the non-surgical options?

May 28, 2018
One of the most common concerns we hear from clients enquiring about face lift procedures is ‘will it leave scarring?’. Because everyone’s circumstances are different there is no simple answer to this, so let’s take a look at the different types of face lift procedures and some of the non-surgical alternative treatment options.

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How can I get my ears pinned back?

May 01, 2018
If you have large or protruding ears, cosmetic ear surgery, commonly referred to as ear pinning, ear reduction or Otoplasty surgery, can be an effective way to achieve a balanced and more symmetrical appearance. If you’re thinking of undergoing an Otoplasty procedure and want to find out more, here’s an overview of what you can expect.

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What are the risks of having cosmetic surgery overseas?

January 26, 2018
There’s no question the idea of having cosmetic surgery overseas can seem appealing. The prospect of undergoing a cosmetic procedure for a fraction of the price you would typically pay in Australia in a location where you can recover pool-side in a luxurious resort seems like a win-win scenario. However, before you book your tickets, there are a few factors you need to consider before deciding if it is ultimately going to be a smart decision.

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Aussies get cosmetic surgery, Botox to help their career

August 18, 2013
AUSTRALIANS are getting cosmetic surgery and Botox in order to give themselves an edge against younger co-workers.

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